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What will happen during the acceptance test? Where will I be placed? And what is important to know before choosing a combat position? All the answers:

When will I get summons?

Before you receive your summons, you must successfully pass the first summon ('Tzav Rishon') and 'Yom-Hame’a'. Only then you will receive a preferences questionnaire, which you will need to fill out on the 'Mitgaisim' website in your personal area. The questionnaire contains a  "Combat Cluster" that is automatically displayed to female candidates who were found suitable for combat roles according to their results on the 'Kaba', 'Dapar' and medical profile. In the fourth stage of the questionnaire for women, you will be asked to rate your desire to serve in combat roles (5 being your strongest preference). 5 Tips for Filling Out the Preferences Questionnaire

What are the options given in the preferences questionnaire?

You can be placed in one of the Infantry Battalion roles that exist today in the IDF, with soldiers of both genders serving together. Additional combat roles that you can serve alongside male fighters are the Air Defense corps, Search and Rescue Brigade unit, the Israel Border Police, Combat Intelligence Collection corps, Cyber Protection unit and the Artillery corps combat soldier. 

What should I bring to the day of my acceptance test?

You must bring your enlistment order and a valid ID. Physical activity is not included on this day so you are not required to bring sportswear clothing. The IDF's Acceptance Tests Schedule

What will happen on my acceptance test day?

During this day, you can talk to experienced combat soldiers about their role in the IDF. In addition, you will have a lecture about the acceptance process and will review your rights and obligations as a female combat soldier.                                   

Also, you will undergo a BMI test that checks your qualification for various combat roles. At the end of the day you will receive a message in your mobile phone with an attached questionnaire form. In this form, you must rank the following traits and military roles according to your preferences. Please keep in mind that the placement in a military role is based on your personal data, personal preferences and the military's needs.

When will I get answers? 

Answers regarding your placement will be given to you between two weeks and a month starting from the acceptance test day. You will receive your specific placement and the recruitment date about a month prior to your recruitment day.

What is important to know before I choose a combat role?

If you choose to serve in one of the combat roles, you must commit to a compulsory service of 32 months and active reserve duty (Similar to male combat soldiers).

Can I sign a waiver?

You can sign a waiver on combat duty only up to a week after the acceptance test day. It is also possible to sign a waiver on the recruitment day itself at The Enlistment Sequence stage. If you choose to do so, you will go to an acceptance test officer to determine a new placement for you according to the military's needs. In addition, you can sign a waiver up to 14 days after enlisting in the combat unit.


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