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אנשים סימנו כי המידע עזר להם

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If you have already completed the first summons, have been assigned a personal quality score and have completed the preferences questionnaire - you have reached the advanced stage of acceptance tests. So, how do you apply for acceptance tests? What are acceptance test seasons? When are the annual dates of acceptance tests? We have collected all the information for you!

The advanced acceptance test stage is a significant stage in the recruitment process for the IDF. As a part of the advanced acceptance test process, you will be invited to the selection process while taking into account the preferences questionnaire and all your personal information.


You can request a summons for the positions you have always dreamed of. If you asked for an acceptance test and encountered a response, "Your request is too early, please ask again in a few months." This article is for you!

Acceptance test seasons

A summon may be requested for a pre-military examination only after completing the first order proceedings and the completion of the “Yom-Hame’a”.

There are two main acceptance test seasons -

  1. January - February for the July - November recruits.
  2. July - August for the December - May recruits.

It is recommended to apply for acceptance tests about a month before the acceptance test season begins.

What should I write?

A request for a summon must include a full name, ID number and a phone number. In the content of the application you must explain why you want to sort and attach information that strengthens the request such as documents, recommendations, explanation of the background of the request and more. The application can be sent via the personal area of the website/app or via e-mail .

“Read about the role, see if it requires pre-screening in the list of roles for boys and girls and see if you are appropriate in terms of requirements. If so, check out the nearest sorting season, that is, when your opportunity is actually sorted out.”

Remember - the first step to the pre-military screening begins with the preferences questionnaire ranking. In most cases, the IDF pre-screening occur only after filling out the questionnaire.

Annual acceptance test dates

Acceptance test for certain roles are held once a year, at a fixed time:

| Military Correspondent:

Apply online during the month of August, the acceptance test takes place in November.

| Actor in the IDF Theater:

Apply online during the month of August, the acceptance test takes place in November.

| Military Photographer:

Apply online during the month of August, the acceptance test takes place in November.

| Parachute Instructor:

The candidates for this position will first be assigned to the role of Physical Fitness Instructor (in one of the acceptance test seasons), the relevant candidates will be called for further sorting. Boys who want to serve in the role are required to undergo paratroopers first.

| Teacher-soldier: January to February.

| Academic Reserve Track: November to February.

Please note

The military placement is determined by a number of factors that are taken into account: your personal data and preferences as well as the Military's needs.

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