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Are you students who have already started their undergraduate program, and interested in serving the army as professional officers? You’re one of us! Academization program allows IDF applicants, who have an undergraduate degree, to apply for different positions in the army in which academic-professional officers serve. Get to know the IDF Academization program >

The Academization program refers to high schoolers who are also studying in college at the same time, as well as IDF applicants who have postponed their draft date for completing their academic studies. Moreover, immigrants who are part of 'Atudat Olim', or have already graduated before drafting into the army. In order to join the Academization program, you must mention during your Tzav Rishon that you’re currently studying for your undergraduate degree.

What are the requirements for the program?

- High personal scores from your Tzav Rishon.
- Your undergraduate degree has to do with fields in which the military is interested, as well as completing you degree by the day on which you draft.
- Your degree average is 75 and above.
- Your obligation to serve will be a full length of service according to the law of the State of Israel, 24 months for both men and women.
- You will have to pass a security clearance before your draft date. New immigrants do not need to go though a security clearance.

What Professions Are Needed in the Program?

Computer science | Software Engineering | Computer Engineering | Systems Engineering | Data Science Engineering | Biology | Geology | Aerospace Engineering | Elctro-Optical Engineering | Biomedical Engineering | Biotechnology and Nutrition Engineering | Structural engineering | Geoinformatics | Electrical Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Industrial Engineering | Telecommunications Engineering | Materials Science | Chemical Engineering | Chemistry | Mathematics | Physics | Economics | Law | Psychology | Clinical laboratory sciences | Medical Education | Logistics | Human resource management

If you get accepted and serve in a position which is based on your academic degree, you will have to serve for two extra years after your mandatory service as academic professional officers. However, if you don’t get accepted, you will serve the full length of the mandatory service.

Heads up! The final acceptance to the program requires commitment to an additional 24 months and requires passing security clearance, and not after the approval of your draft postponement until finishing the degree.

Rights for Serving in the Academization Program:

- Ranks of professional officers
- Serving in a position in which you’re educated and interested
- A grant of 8,500 NIS

For more details about the program in Hebrew, click on the following link.

What If I studied abroad?

IDF candidates who have a foreign diploma are required to send a request to evaluate and consider the academic degree in the Ministry of Education website. The website is available in the following languages: French, Spanish, Arabic, English, Russian and Hebrew. For the article in Hebrew | Russian | French | Spanish

In addition, the guide to send a request for the Academization program.

For the article in Hebrew | Spanish | French | Russian

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