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Shaldag unit, 669 unit, 'Palsar', the armored corps and 'Flotilla' 13 are only part of the trained units in 'Bach Nahal', 'Nahal’s brigade training base. Recruiting to this training base? Want to know what is waiting for you in the training? You came to the right place >


                                                                                                                        Tel Arad Junction in the Negev (A 15 minute ride from the city of Arad).


In the 'Nahal' brigade training base there are two bases: 'Tov' brigade training base (the initial training base) and 'Krayot' brigade training base (the advanced training base). There are buses called “tiyulit” from Arad that go through 'Tov' brigade training base until 'Krayot' brigade training base, and also in the opposite direction. The 'Tiyulit' buses are active during the week in permanent hours, and on Sundays, Thursdays and on Fridays there are extra buses.

On Sundays the buses leave from the Lehavim - 'Rahat' station every twenty minutes, from 9:30 until 12:00. During the rest of the week the buses leave in these hours:


                                                                                                              It is forbidden to arrive by foot to the base, only by bus.

Origin of the Name 'Nahal':

The 'Nahal' brigade stands for 'Noar Halutzi Lohem', which means Fighting Pioneer Youth. The ‘Garin Nahal' soldiers were the basis of the brigade at it’s beginning and from there comes the name 'Nahal'.

A Little Bit of History:

In 1982, as a result of the Lebanon war, battalions that up till this year were under different commands were united to one brigade - the 'Nahal' brigade. Up till 1993, the 'Nahal' brigade’s combat soldiers did their training in Camp 'Dotan' - Camp 80, and in 1993 the 'Nahal' brigade training base was established.

As of today the training takes place in the 'Nahal' brigade training base, which is where all Nahal battalions pass basic training and advanced training: 'Shaldag' unit, 669 unit, the armored corps reconnaissance company and 'Shayetet' 13.

Nature of Service:

The 'Nahal' combat soldiers’ training is in a closed-base format.

What Does 'Nahal' Brigade Training Base Include?

Like in every base, you can find an armory, logistics, a lunchroom, personal affairs ('Tash') and education ('Chinuch') offices, a synagogue, a 'Shekem' (PX) and a medical clinic. There is also a dental clinic, 16 shooting range stands, a “Lashabiya” (urban warfare) area, a sports venue, a ceremony hall, a cafeteria and an outdoor training area.

The Unique Qualities of the Base:

The 'Nahal' Brigade Training Base counts as pretty new, 25 years old, and so the recruits sleep in 'Mavnadim' (residential buildings) with air conditioning, new single beds and personal lockers. In the shekem you can find TVs and in the cafeteria they serve hummus and pita bread. In the base there is also a tunnel facility for training and a shooting simulator for training.

The Commander’s Message:

The 'Nahal' brigade leads with its professionalism and with its combat abilities. The soldiers come from our best combat soldiers and always stand on the first line in every war. The soldiers who come to serve here will go through physically and mentally challenging training, will learn new things about themselves and will be trained by the most advanced methods to prepare for the challenges expected during their service.

In addition to everything, they will find a big family with a tradition and legacy that there is no bigger pride than being a part of it. The 'Nahal' brigade took a main and crucial part of all Israel’s wars, and received many praises and rewards on its work and on the brave soldiers’ hard work.

Dear recruits, this base is your new home and the brigade is your family. Be proud to be a part of the 'Nahal' brigade!

- Lieutenant colonel Yoav Katznelson, commander of the 'Nahal' Brigade Training Base

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