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At the end of the recruitment sequence stations, a bus will drive you to the base in which you will go through your basic training. We've gathered 5 tips to help you complete the basic training period successfully>

A good night's sleep

The basic training days are long, exhausting, and include: weapon training, discipline classes, PE physical training ("Agim") and requires soldiers to help guard the base. Sleeping hours are essential to stay alert during the day. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take full advantage of the “Shat Tash” - an hour that you receive in the evening for your personal arrangements such as shower, phone calls etc, allowing you to sleep at the end of the hour and avoid fatigue.

Handling Time

One of the most valued things in basic training and the military in general is following the times. There will be plenty of times during the basic training, in which you will hear the commanders say "open your watches". In this case, you need to check the current time and complete the task assigned to you according to the specified time given to you. Therefore, we recommend bringing your own watch to basic training with a stopper. 


During basic training and onwards, you will leave your civilian clothes behind and star wearing your military uniform. However, there are situations, in which you will be required to wear civilian clothes – Inside the residence, sports uniforms, and white/green t-shirts under your military uniform.  Therefore, it is important to bring an adequate amount of clothing for the time you will spend at the basic training base.

The military list of principles-Pakal kis

On the day of recruitment and during your basic training, you will get “Pakalim” - Things that should be on you all the time, including: Dog tag ("Diskit"), Military ID card, National Property list, Code of Ethics and Mission List and waivers (if relevant). Therefore, we recommend finding a safe place (Even your pocket) where you can store them safely so you won't lose them.

Be open-minded  

The Basic training is the initial experience of your military service, and it can be challenging at times. Therefore, it is important to come with a positive attitude and take things easy.

Just remember it's a stage in your life you can enjoy! The basic training period is challenging and full of experiences. It is recommended to come with positive energies in order to enjoy it! 

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