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The “Stars Card” (Cohavim) is designed to allow you to purchase equipment prior to your enlistment. This equipment is to complete the rest of the gear provided to you on your first day as a soldier. So what is the equipment you get in the Enlistment Sequence? All the details >

 The equipment you will receive on your enlistment day:

  1. A kitbag or a gear sack
  2. A coat
  3. Shoes (for infantry, field wear and women’s everyday shoes)
  4. Uniform trousers
  5. Uniform shirts
  6. A belt
  7. A beret
  8. A soldier’s kit (and an extra kit for field use)
  9. A tear gas canister
  10. A lock
  11. Warm gloves
  12. A neck warmer
  13. Rubber bands for shoes

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