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אנשים סימנו כי המידע עזר להם

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There are tons of jobs you can be placed in as a soldier in the IDF - from a combatant in the Golani Brigade all the way to a medic, or maybe even a fitness instructor in the Air Force! Want to know how you can be placed in a job that suits you? Read more for the full guide >


Join the IDF

When joining the IDF, as opposed to civil jobs, you cannot know your placement beforehand - you must pass the whole recruitment process: ‘Tzav Rishon’ - your First Summon, ‘Yom Hame’a’ (for women), ‘Miyunim’ - Acceptance tests you have been summoned to and ‘She’elon Ha’adafot’ - your Preferences Questionnaire. Once you pass these steps, you will be given a draft date and later on a ‘Shibutz’ - a job.

Which data affects my role in the army?

                                                                                                                  Tzav Rishon

On your ‘Tzav Rishon’ day you will pass various stations in the Recruitment Bureau you have been summoned to, that affect your future placement. For example - your ‘Kaba’ and ‘Dapar’ are scores that are determined after passing a psychotechnical test and the data verification station. These scores are very important - they have a big influence on your future job and help us place you in the job that fits you best. The Medical Station is basically a checkup that determines your health status and your abilities to serve in a combat role or in a Home-front job by giving you a Medical Profile score. Want to learn more about what each piece of data means? Read the following article about your personal scores.

                                                                                                  Preferences Questionnaire

Another factor that affects your placement is the Preferences Questionnaire. You will receive the questionnaire after the Recruitment Bureau has determined your personal data scores: Your ‘Kaba’, ‘Dapar’, Medical Profile and Hebrew level. In this questionnaire you will receive certain jobs that match your personal data and you will be able to choose which roles you are more interested in and which roles you don’t want to serve in.

                                                                                                                Acceptance Tests

When you have received your personal scores, you will be summoned to Acceptance Tests for different roles that match your personal data. You can find the roles you are interested in and the scores required for getting them in IDF Roles. If you have passed the tests, you will be assigned to one of the jobs!

After you’ve passed all these stages, you will finally receive a placement up till 45 days before your draft date. Heads up! If you have been placed in Michve Alon, you will receive your placement when you finish the Hebrew Course.

We wish you the best of luck and hope you will receive the job of your dreams! Work hard, try your best to get the highest scores so you can get various possibilities and choose the job that suits you best!

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