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Children of Immigrants have many available options to study in Israel, one of them is the “Yeshiva” studies. We have gathered all the details about the transition process from a child of immigrants to a yeshiva student.

A Child of Immigrants is a candidate for security service (“Malshab”), with an Israeli citizenship, who was born abroad or has left Israel for the purpose of immigration accompanied by his parents before reaching age 16. In order for the Malshab who is a child of Immigrants, to be a yeshiva student, he must undergo a process that only after its approval he will be able to arrive for a certain period for yeshiva studies.

What should be done in order to become a yeshiva student in Israel?

  • To comply with all the Child of Immigrants terms and conditions and has immigrated with his parents before the age of 10 years.
  • The Malshab has not utilized the “year of stay”.
  • The beginning of the studies should be at least from the age of 17.
  • The approval for the studies must be arranged before the beginning of the first year or during that year.
  • An orderly application must be submitted prior to the commencement of studies for studies lasting for a period not exceeding four consecutive years in the same educational institution.
  • It is possible to arrive in Israel up to 60 days before the start of studies and stay in Israel up to 60 days after their completion.
  • In order to study in Israel, you must present a certificate of studies from the institution in which the child of immigrants is studying, with exact dates of study. In addition, he must send each year a certificate of up-to-date studies for the new year until completion of studies, otherwise he will be disqualified of being a child of immigrants.

Please pay attention

A transition between a child of immigrant status > to Ben yeshiva may be allowed only on the condition that there is no deviation from the year of residence of a child of immigrants at the time he wishes to enter the yeshiva. A transition between a Ben yeshiva status > to a child of  immigrants will be possible provided that he complies with the conditions of being a child of the immigrant, and the center of life for him and his parents is abroad.

  • Please find all the details for a child of immigrants status in the next article.

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