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Hi, my name is Mishel Koshnitski and I’m 19 years old. I moved here from London two months ago to serve in the IDF and This is my story!

We were fortunate enough to interview this amazing young girl from London and to hear about her journey to fulfill her dream of serving in the IDF. Mishel was born in Netanya and raised in Bat-yam until the age of 13 when she moved with her parents to the UK. She lived a great life for 7 years in London and was accepted to study at a prestigious University.

Yet, she always wanted to return to Israel to serve in the IDF despite the lack of her parent’s support and the many obstacles she had to face to achieve her dream. “I joined the ‘Garin Tzabar’ program and through educational seminars in Europe met other young people from around the world who shared the same dream as I did. When I arrived in Israel with my ‘Garin’ friends we were placed in Kibbutz Lahav in the South of the country”.

Mishel and her ‘Garin’ friends live in a building for Lone Soldiers in the Kibbutz. They have been adopted by Kibbutz families and live as part of the Kibbutz Community that embraces, guides, loves and supports them.

“The trips we take - from the South to the North - are both fun and educational”, explains Mishel. “We learn about the Israeli life and culture, which I love. I think the army is a ticket to a true Israeli experience”.

Mishel has had to overcome many obstacles to achieve her dream. The hardest part for her has been the lack of her parent’s support and leaving behind her 7 year old brother in London.

In her optimistic way Mishel explains: “My parents love me and they want the best for me. I am sure that once they see how happy I am in Israel, they will be very happy and supportive of me”.

The ‘Garin Tzabar’ program and it’s dedicated counselors offer an excellent framework for integration into the Israeli Army. Mishel embraces everything that is good about this country,  the culture, the music, the beautiful land and the special ‘Israeli vibe’. And of course she can’t wait until she finally make her dream come true and joins the IDF.

“Behatslacha” Mishel!

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