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אנשים סימנו כי המידע עזר להם

מאת: Leehee Sade

Due to the ongoing evaluations of the IDF’s current situation, and according to The Ministry of Health’s instructions, here are the following instructions about summons, acceptance tests and draft procedures >

Please note the following instructions:

1. All enlistment dates will take place as planned. All new recruits must pack a bag for a full month.

2. You must enter the Recruitment Bureau wearing a mask, according to the Ministry of Health instructions you are required to wear a mask in public areas.

3. Before showing up for your First Summons (‘Tzav Rishon’) at the Recruitment Bureau (‘Lishkat Giyus’), you need to fill out the online Data Verification Questionnaire and the Medical Questionnaire (New Immigrants are not required to do so, but it is definitely recommended and can help speed up the process). Heads up: An IDF candidate (‘Malshab’) who is not a New Immigrant and doesn’t complete the questionnaires in advance, will not be allowed to enter the Recruitment Bureau for their appointment there (on the day of the First Summons).

4. In order to prevent large gatherings at the Recruitment Bureau ‘Tel Hashomer’ and its surroundings, recruits will come to alternative locations in central Israel. A text message with the new drafting location, along with the date and time to show up, will be sent in advance to the recruits.

5. Escorts on the draft day: To prevent gatherings and for the safety of you and your family and friends, it has been decided that Recruits are not allowed to show up with escorts for their enlistment.

6. Candidates who are summoned to acceptance tests (‘Miyun’) will be updated personally in case of changes. The changes in the First Summons appointment are in accordance with the Ministry of Health and the IDF instructions regarding the Coronavirus. Anyway, most of the acceptance tests are online.

7. Candidates who are overseas before their enlistment date, are required to return to Israel at least 15 days prior to their draft date.

8. Before each acceptance test, you will be required to fill out a form declaring the state of your health due to the coronavirus.

9. If you didn’t have the opportunity to acquire all the basic equipment needed for your enlistment, you can order equipment online! If you didn't manage to order equipment, you can report this during your Enlistment Process on your draft date (‘Sharsheret Hiyul’) and will receive one towel, 4 T-shirts and 5 pairs of socks using the “stars” on your card.

10. If a Recruit must be in isolation due to Coronavirus – this shall postpone the date of attendance at the Recruitment Bureau, the Enlistment Process and any other military summons during the whole isolation period. In case of compulsory isolations – the Recruit must notify the Recruitment Bureau as soon as possible before the relevant date.


If the answer to any of the following questions is positive – showing up for all Summons is forbidden:

a. Have you been abroad in the last 14 days prior to the date of the Summons?
b. Do you have any flu symptoms (on the day of your summons)?
c. Were you exposed to someone who was found positive for the virus/was suspected of having the virus within 14 days prior the date of your Summons?

11. Any candidate who is summoned to IDF when he/she is supposed to be in isolation – must report that to ‘Meitav’s Service Center in one of the following ways:

A private message on the Facebook page: “מיטב מתגייסים לשירותך”; Via Email:; Meitav's telephone service center: 1111

Your report must include the date on which the isolation period ends. HEADS UP! Reporting is mandatory.

So, what happens in case of each of the Summons if I must be in isolation?

Enlistment - You must report to ‘Meitav’ immediately and state the date from which you started the period of isolation. Youwill be defined as a 'Meacher giyus' - a late drafter, and the original draft date will be delayed to the next drafting season.

Procedures in the Recruitment Bureau – You will be given a new date for your appointment after reporting to ‘Meitav’ that you are in isolation.

Acceptance tests – You will be sent a new date after you inform ‘Meitav’ about the dates of your isolation. Online acceptance tests will take place as planned, and if you have been summoned to a frontal acceptance test - a new date will be determined.

⦁ In cases of annual acceptance tests or a series of acceptance appointments that ended – first, you must report to ‘Meitav’ and mention the date you entered isolation. In this case appointment will be dealt with separately.


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