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Dear “Malshab”, candidate of the IDF, have you received the preferences questionnaire? If so, then you have reached a point in which you can almost directly influence your placement in the IDF. Here are 5 tips you should read before filling out the Preferences Questionnaire:

  1. As Quickly as Possible

    The Preferences Questionnaire has an important impact on the various military roles you will be offered. In fact, in order to receive an invitation to the pre-screening, you must complete the ratings of the various military roles on the questionnaire. Therefore, it is recommended that you complete the questionnaire as quickly as possible in order to increase your chances. 
  2. Be Honest

    At the beginning of the questionnaire for men, or in the fourth stage for women, you will be asked to rate your desire to serve in combat roles (5 being your strongest preference). It is important that you answer this question with the utmost sincerity, because the choice of rating you give will determine the follow-up questions that you will receive. If your rating is not honest, you will receive questions and roles that doesn’t suit you.
  3. Did you know?

    Contrary to popular belief, if you rate only one role in the options given to you in the Preferences Questionnaire, even if you mark it as the highest priority, your chances of getting it will still be low! Many candidates believe that in order to be assigned a specific position, they have to rate only that position in the questionnaire, but this is incorrect. It is recommended that you specify a wide variety of roles in the questionnaire in order to open various options.
  4. Be careful

    Not satisfied with the positions you received in the questionnaire? Many candidates believe that if they rate all the positions they have received at low ratings (1-2), they will receive invitations to other pre-screening roles that didn’t appear in their questionnaire. In fact, if you rate all the options in the questionnaire at low ratings, you will be assigned only according to the army's needs, so don’t do that!
  5. Remember!

    You will be given the closing date of the Preferences Questionnaire. Until then, you can update and change the ratings you have set as long as the questionnaire is still open. Check carefully when your questionnaire is due to close, and a few days before it closes, check that you are satisfied with your choices.

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