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Have you ever heard of the "Preferences Questionnaire", known by its previous name as "Manila". You will receive a Preferences Questionnaire around September, on the “Mitgaisim” Website at your personal area. (if you have completed all the recruitment process procedures). It is just as important to us as it is to you, that the process is smooth and positive. Therefore, we have prepared all the information you need to know before filling-out the Preferences Questionnaire >

What it's about:

Each candidate of the Israeli Defense Service, or as they say in the Military- “Malshab” (IDF), will receive a Preferences Questionnaire which contains a list of various roles offered to the “Malshab”, taking into account their Index results and the needs of the Military.

The Preferences Questionnaire that each “Malshab” receives is adapted according to their medical profile, which was determined during the First Call-up and Yom-Hame'a (for girls only) : Males with a combat profile (72 and above) will receive a questionnaire called Field Units (יח”ש). Males who do not have a combat profile will receive a questionnaire called Course questionnaire. Females who have a combat profile, will have a section of combat roles in the questionnaire. If you prioritize your desire to serve in combat positions 3 or higher, you will be offered options of combat roles that you must rank.

Some things to know before filling out the questionnaire:

  1. In this site you can find explanations and articles on various and varied positions in the Military. It is recommended to read as much information as possible about the roles offered to you in the questionnaire.
  2. All Preferences Questionnaires are drawn from two types of Military roles:
    Roles that require sorting and roles that do not require sorting.
    It is important to distinguish between the two types of roles, and it is also highly recommended to mark both types in the questionnaire.
  3. You will be asked to choose the cluster you wish to join. A cluster is a group of several roles in the Military with similar characteristics.
  4. The Preferences Questionnaire is divided into several parts and you can not always switch between them to check your answers or go back to parts you have already filled-out and sent. Because of this, it is very desirable to continue with the following steps in the questionnaire only when you are confident in your choices.

    If you wish to apply for a position that does not appear for you in the questionnaire, you can do so

Remember that your future military role is determined by three main criteria:

*The Military’s needs.

*Your personal data according to the abilities you demonstrated in the First Call-up and Yom-Hame'a (for girls only).

*Your ratings in the preferences questionnaire

Please note that if there is a change in your personal data you will be entitled, when possible, to complete a new Preferences Questionnaire adapted to your new data and enlistment date.

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