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Candidates of the Israeli Defense Force will be able to use the IDF's "Stars” card to purchase their personal basic items, with a predetermined budget, to meet their needs

The launching of the "Stars" card is a big step in the IDF's equipment revolution, as part of a comprehensive trend to improve the conditions of service for IDF soldiers.

The digital card will accompany the soldier from the pre-recruitment stage and during the first year of military service, through which she/he will be able to purchase a variety of quality items from regular (civilian) networks at the best price.

How to use the “Stars” card

Approximately 14 days before the date of the draft day, the candidate will receive a message to his/her mobile phone regarding his/her entitlement to the "Stars” card. The candidate will access the link attached to the message and agree to the terms of the regulations. Afterwards, the candidate will receive an additional message with a link to the digital card containing a "Stars" budget that she/he may use.

In this way, the candidate will be able to reach the marketing networks for which the card is intended, show the digital card, along with an identification card, and purchase the various types of items through the "Stars".

Who is entitled to receive a “Stars” card?

Eligibility will be given to each soldier according to his/her needs, as determined by military officials, taking into account various criteria such as the gender and military role of the candidate. A soldier who is entitled to additional “Stars”, will receive a message during his/her service, detailing the additional “Stars” budget and type.

In the event that a “Malshab” (a candidate of the IDF) uses the “Stars” budget, in whole or in part, and has not enlist, the military can claim the cost of the "Stars" budget back.

What types of "Stars" exist and what is the annual entitlement?


  • Some Types of Stars : Mercury, Venus, Earth [you are currently living here], Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto [Dwarf Planet], Planet Nine, etc. JUST KIDDING! We are talking about a different type of ‘Stars’:


  1. "Personal Stars" - are designed to enable the purchase of winter items and undergarments (underwear, T-shirts, socks, etc.).
  2. "Sport Stars" - are designed to enable the purchase of equipment, clothing and sport shoes to maintain physical fitness and health (starting March 2018).
  3. "Private points Stars” (PPS) -allow you to receive discounts for the purchase of items, from your own money, which do not fall into the categories of the other types of “Stars” (mentioned above).


Quantity of “Stars” and eligibility dates:


The Army

Combat support


The process of division








After a month




After a year

215 “Stars”

695 “Stars”

1,515 “Stars”

Range of the “Stars”

(NIS) 287 Shekels

(NIS)shekels 927

(NIS) shekels 2,020

Equivalent to shekels - 25% discount

Eligibility can be utilized up to the day of discharge from the IDF.

Items that the IDF recommends purchasing with the "Stars" card (these items will not be given at the classification and screening base, commonly known as “Backum”):


Prior to the enlistment:

  • T-shirt white / olive green - 4 units (1 olive green is recommended).
  • Socks - 5 units (3 anti-bacterial).

After enlistment (for combatants and combat supporters only):


  • Sport shoes (combatants only).
  • Antibacterial socks.
  • T-shirt (olive green colour).
  • Trousers and thermal vest:

- warrior - 3 sets.

- combat support - 2 sets.

  • Undergarments (underwear, bras, sports jerseys, tights)

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