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As soldiers, most of you will be required to close at least one holiday during your military service. To make the experience more enjoyable, we've gathered some tips to make your first holiday at the base more joyful>

Taking a breather

Finally, there is no need to wake up early! A holiday procedure is similar to the "Sabbath" procedure (staying in the base for the weekend), during which you will not go through activities like cleaning arrangements or classes with the commanders.  The only activities that are allowed are those that are designated only for the purpose of the maintenance and security of the base like kitchen chores and guarding. So feel free to take the pillow, go under the blanket and have some good sleep.

Spare time

Apart from resting, you can spend your spare time reading a book, playing board games, keeping up with the news, crossword puzzles, eating lots of snacks that you bought in the Shekem, listening to good music and doing some series binge-watching. And last but not least, don't forget to read various articles on the Mitgaisim website!

Meeting new friends

Being far from home isn’t easy, but you are not the only one: You will spend the holiday alongside other soldiers from the base, some of whom you will know and some you will not. During your shared time at the base you can share experiences, get closely familiar with each other and maybe even make friends for life.


In some bases, family members and friends are allowed to visit during the holiday during predetermined hours. You can coordinate this before the holiday with your commanders. There is no option to visit in your base? Don't worry. You will have plenty of free time to talk to your family over the phone or in video calls, allowing you to celebrate the holiday with your grandparents, or even on the living room couch - when you're in the base.

Embrace the experience

During the holiday period there are special festive meals in the base dining room that will give you a sense of belonging. Even though it's not the way you are used to celebrate the holiday, spending time with new friends from the base and the unique atmosphere – will make it a memorable experience.

Surely you would prefer to be home during the holiday, but even spending the holiday at the base can become a pleasant experience. Take the time to rest and have fun with your friends.

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