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Received a summon to your 'Tzav Rishon'? It’s time to begin your recruitment process from home! The first step is filling out the data verification questionnaire here in 'Mitgaisim' website. What does the questionnaire include? How do I enter it? How do I fill it out? Keep reading to find out >

What Is The Data Verification Questionnaire?

This questionnaire is the first step you will go through in the recruitment process and its job is to verify the personal data before arriving at the recruitment office. The questionnaire is designated for students in the 11th grade who are about to begin their first call-up (Tzav Rishon) process in the recruitment office, and it includes five main steps: Personal information, family information, education information, contact information, and a physiological questionnaire. In the data verification questionnaire you are required to confirm part of the data and fill out information yourself.

For Your Attention:

Passing invalid data will hurt your recruitment process and is a violation of the country’s law.

You cannot arrive at the first call-up before the 11th grade. Therefore, if you fill in the beginning of the questionnaire that you are in the 10th grade, the questionnaire will automatically close.

The data verification questionnaire is very important for your recritment, therefore you must fill it thoroughly and in maximal concentration. We recommend filling it out on the computer.

How Do I Enter the Questionnaire?

The questionnaire is in your personal area on the ‘Mitgaisim’ website. If this is your first time entering the website - you can enter using your ID number and your preliminary password written on your first summon. If you don’t have a preliminary password, you can click on the button “אין לי סיסמה” (I don’t have a password) and log in with the date your ID was issued. After logging into the website, click on the data verification questionnaire bubble (on the right) - and fill out the questionnaire.

How Do I Fill It Out?

First step - personal information: In this section you are required to confirm your personal information - full name, religion, citizenship, date of birth and more.

Second step - family information: In this step you are required to fill out your family’s details.

Third step - contact information: You will fill out your contact details (phone number, address and details about your residential area). Part of the questions are also meant to let us get to know your situation better.

Fourth step - education information: At this point you are required to fill out the educational institutions you studied in and the subjects you will take your S.A.T tests with.

Fifth step - physiological questionnaire: Made of 15 short multiple choice questions which will help us get to know you better.

A Few Important Things:

- The questionnaire will close five days before your first call-up date and you will not be able to fill it out or edit it. When finishing the questionnaire you will receive a reference number that will be used for inquiries of the questionnaire.

- You can exit the questionnaire at any time, save the data you filled out so far and re-enter in order to finish it another time.

- If you have moved your first call-up date - the questionnaire will open and close accordingly.

- The learning aids given at school are not necessarily the aid you will receive at your first call-up.


Good luck!

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