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The medical profile is the numeric symbol that reflects the medical suitability for the Israel Defense Force - IDF. This is one of the most crucial personal data in the IDF, which is determined individually for each soldier during the First summon, and has an impact on the role and nature of the future military service >


The Medical Profiles

The medical profile ranges between 21 to 97. The numbers were determined randomly over the years by the Medical Corps. Apart from defining the soldier's medical condition, they have no specific meaning.


The profile scale represents the level of fitness, where the highest number is the most fit, and depending on the severity of the medical problem, the number decreases:

  • Profile 97
    Fit to serve in various field combat units and in the combat battalions, as well as in the elite units. In cases of very mild medical problems, a note is added to the profile. These notes do not lower the profile, but disqualifies several roles depending on the type and severity of the problem.
  • Profile 82
    Fit to serve in the various field units and infantry according to the impairment type.
  • Profile 72
    Qualified for combat service in all combat units except infantry units and elite units such as “Sayarot” according to the impairment type.
  • Profile 64
    Eligible for service in combat support units - an Operational Security Profiling Agent in the Border Crossing battalions and a Squad Commander, all according to the medical impairment.
  • Profile 45
    A low profile which allows you to serve in combat battalion in no combat roles, all according to the medical impairment.
  • Profile 25
    A profile given to volunteers with medical or mental health problems who want to enlist after being found unfit for service (updated Profile from 21 or 24).
  • Profile 24
    temporarily unfit for military service - for example, after a surgery or injury- the profile will be updated after a medical procedure or an appeal on the medical condition following a time-period of time determined by the medical physician at the recruitment bureau.
  • Profile 21
    Totally unfit for service for medical health reasons (physical or mental). There is an option to apply for volunteering and raise the profile to 25.

Medical Committees

Before entering the medical committee, you will undergo weight, height, blood pressure, pulse, visual acuity, color blindness and, if needed, an additional urine test. You will be requested to provide details regarding diseases and medical problems you have suffered in the past or present, and illnesses among close family members.


During the committee process, you will undergo a complete physical examination by the doctor, and if necessary, you will receive a referral for a blood test. In accordance to the committee findings and the doctor's personal decision, you will be referred for additional tests by specialist physicians.


Candidates must submit the specialist’s diagnosis. You will then be summoned before a committee to summarize the findings and determine the new medical profile, if required.


In cases where the relevant medical problem is psychiatric, you must arrive at the Recruitment Office with all the medical documents from the physician with his\her signed diagnosis. Some of the “Malshabim” (candidates) will receive a summons to the Mental Health Office. In the case of a documented treatment with medication or a diagnosed psychiatric illness, you will be referred to a psychiatrist.

Filing an Appeal and Updating the Military System

The "Malshab" (IDF candidate) may appeal his\her personal determined medical profile under three conditions:

  1. The candidate believes that the assigned profile does not match his\her qualifications.
  2. It was determined that the candidate is unfit for military service or unfit for any defense service, but the candidate thinks otherwise.
  3. There is a change in the candidate’s health situation and he\she must update the military system.

The candidate must contact Meitav's Service Center within one month from the time the profile is determined during First summon,or immediately after any change in his\her health status. A review of the medical profile appeal can only be made under the condition that the request arrives with updated and relevant medical documents signed by a qualified physician. In addition, the appeal should include details of why the candidate is qualified or is unfit for the service.


The appeal may be uploaded in the personal area of the 'Mitgaisim' website or alternatively, can be sent to the Meitav unit's e-mail address. The appeal will be directed to the medical section for review and a decision. After sending the appeal, the candidate will receive a SMS confirming receipt. After reviewing the appeal the candidate will receive an answer. If the appeal is successful, you will be summoned to a medical committee or to the Mental Health Officer - 'Kaban' in the recruitment bureau.

Infantry Exceptions

A Malshab (candidate) may request to be recognized as an “infantry exception”, even if his\her medical profile does not comply with the infantry requirements. The request should include the recommendation of a specialist who explains why the candidate is able to serve in combat duty despite his\her medical impairment.


The documents must be sent to Meitav's e-mail address. Please note that the decision to qualify or disqualify an "infantry exception", will be made by the military medical staff, and the medical documents from the physician will be considered as a recommendation only.

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