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The results of your Yom Hame’a can be viewed in your personal area in 'Mitgaisim' website. This decision, which is intended to enable transparency and interaction with the military system and its operational methods, changed the picture; Until this decision, the candidates could not know if they succeeded on Yom-Hame’a and fully understand the impact of the results on their future military role.

What is being examnined on Yom Hame'a?

The Yom Hame’a is designed to test different qualities and abilities by examining your functioning in different environments and situations. In many aspects, using work samples - exercises designed to select, evaluate and match your military position. 

After completing the 6 stages of Yom Hame’a that examine you on 10 different abilities, you can view the results via this website in your personal area:

  • Command and guidance
  • Technical and operating abilities
  • Field
  • Management and organization
  • Leadership skills
  • Human Relations
  • Information Processing
  • Teamwork
  • Technical maintenance
  • Continuous attention span

How is your placement in the IDF determined

"The role of infantry instructor does not take place in an office, but in the outdoors, so you will be examined via conditions that simulate the field", explains Dr. Yair Noam, an organizational psychologist and the head of the "Malshab" department in the section of the Behavioral Sciences Department of the IDF. "In this way, we can determine which environment is suitable for you. In addition, we will examine your leadership skills within a group despite the challenging conditions - just like an actual training positions".

Some roles require more than one skill, and therefore a combinations of different "grades" are often required in order to adjust your placement accordingly. "In order to be accepted as an infantry instructor, 3 high scores are required in 3 different fields", notes Dr. Noam. "As expected, instructing skills are required, but that is not enough. There is also a need for “field” capabilities that include both outdoor ‘field’ skills and technical capabilities".

Although sometimes it seems that a particular station is examining a certain capability, it is in fact examining a completely different one or even several capabilities. This is actually the main reason you should invest in all the stages, and not only at the stage you think is aimed at the role you are interested in", emphasizes Dr. Noam.

How It Works

All the abilities examined are divided into different fields, such as training, technical, attention span, service awareness and more. Each field is measured in at least two exercises and by two evaluators. "For example, the ability to work in a team is examined through three different levels: physical exercise, group discussion exercise and concluding a conversation," says Dr. Noam and continues: "In fact, when the final grade on the group work of each candidate is counted, there are 6 grades from 2 different evaluators."

The Yom Hame’a grades are given on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest. It is important to know that those scores take into account a number of factors; "It is very rare for a candidate to receive a grade of 5 in each and every field," says Dr. Noam, and explains that the reason for this is that the scores of each candidate are measured individually: "The candidate (“Malshabit”) may have demonstrated good technical abilities that could generally have achieved a grade of 5, but ultimately she has demonstrated even better capabilities in the final weighting training field. In this case, in the field of training she will probably receive a grade of 5, while in the technical field she will receive a grade of 4".

“The various stations”, adds Dr. Noam, “are updated from time to time, but their essence remains the same. We update the texts at the training station, but the main thing remains unchanged”, he notes and welcomes the initiative to expose the results to the candidates: "I assume that this will strengthen the understanding of how important it is to attend Yom Hame’a. Our goal is for the girls to succeed in bringing themselves together on this day, and I believe that the feedback that follows is very important and will help them understand what role they play in the army".

Girls - Pay Attention!

After completing the Yom Hame’a procedures, log-in to the personal area of the website and see your results in your personal profile.

Good luck!

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