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Yom Hame'a is a day of selection, evaluation and matching for your military position, which you will be doing during your military service. This day is for female candidates only, who have finished their initial exam process - “First summon”, during the 11th or 12th grade >

On this day, you can show your skills and help us get to know you in many aspects such as: Human relations, command and guidance, teamwork, management, organizing, technology and data processing. In addition, you will also be tested on different qualities and abilities, for example: continuous listening ability, command and guidance skills etc. During the day, which lasts up to 7 hours, you will participate in six stages that examine the following abilities:


This stage examines your technical and operating abilities, in addition to your creativity. In this stage, you will be presented with a photo of a particular model that you will need to memorize for a limited time-period. Then, you will be required to construct the model using tools like pipes, screws and rubber bands.

Command and Guidance

This stage examines the ability to stand in front of an audience and present information in an authoritative manner. This stage is composed of two parts:

a. In the first part you will have to choose one of the topics that will be presented to you, prepare a lecture and social activity in a 5 minute time frame.

b. In the second part, you will receive a page with a random topic, which you will need to present for 5 minutes. During the presentation, the examiners will give you different points, and evaluate how you cope with different and unfamiliar situations.

Human Relations

This stage examines your interpersonal abilities, your sensitivity to the environment and your coping with various and complex situations. You will receive a card presenting a conflict and various guidelines. During the activity, you will enact out the given situation with one of the examiners who will play the role with the conflict.

You will be asked to give the examiner a solution according to the guidelines that were presented on the card. The examiner will challenge you and your response in this particular situation and it will be evaluated.

For example You are a commander of a soldier who has a shift on Purim. He wants to change places with another soldier because that day is his grandmother’s 90th birthday. No soldier agrees and he insists that it is important for him to be there. How do you react? That is only one example out of many that can come up.

Data processing

This stage is in front of the computer. It examines your ability to cope with a lot of data, their analysis, your level of attention and concentration and the speed of your response. During this stage, you will do tests that are similar to the psych-technical tests you have done in the first summon (Tzav Rishon), and include finding differences, reading graphs, creativity and thinking "outside the box."

For example: The spacecraft launch test - a booklet with operating instructions will be placed next to your computer, and you will need to operate the spacecraft on the computer according to the instructions.

Management and organizing

This stage is the "field stage". It is important to note that it does not examine your physical ability, but rather your ability to deal with unfamiliar situations. At this stage, you will be tested on time management, your teamwork, and the operation of leadership skills, in which you will be faced with a number of tasks that combine crawling in the sand and map orientation.


This stage is divided into two parts, in which you will have to put together a model in a group framework and market it with the group members. It examines your integration into the group, your ability to lead and deal with complex situations that you share with other people with different perspectives and ways of thinking.

a. In the first part, the examiners will assign to each of the group members a number that represents a limitation (eye closing, clapping, use of left hand only, etc.). You will need to build a specific structure with the team (for example, a spaceship), while dealing with the various limitations of the group members. At the end of the construction, you will be asked to present the model to the audience with a song or a poster.

b. In the second part you will be asked to decide which segment of the population you think needs the most financial support and convince your friends that the sector you chose is the most suitable. Once the group selects one sector from among the different sectors, you will need to plan a proposal that supports this population. You will then present and "market" the proposal to the examiners and you will be asked to explain them why you proposed this idea as a group. This section examines your ability to convince, your teamwork and the maturity to make decisions that differ from your personal preference.

There is no doubt that this day requires your best performance. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you get enough sleep, eat and drink well and most importantly - feel comfortable, be yourself and enjoy the various stages and new friends you will meet.

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