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Girls, are you listening? Yom Hame’a now takes place through your home computer screen! Yom Hame’a is a day which engages in screening and matching female IDF candidates to the job they will fulfill during their army service. Due to the Covid 19 instructions, Yom Hame’a has changed its format to an online screening where you pass all the stations straight from home. Yom Hame’a will take place through the “zoom” application.

How Does It Work?

Female IDF candidates who are designated for Yom Hame’a will be summoned through a text message. For the screening day you will need a computer with an internet connection (Wifi or a network cable), a speaker, a microphone and a camera. In addition, the “zoom” application must be installed on your computer. The groups on the screening day will contain up till 6 girls, and the stations will be adjusted according to Yom Hame’a through the “zoom” application.

Important Things to Know


- The online Yom Hame’a is predicted to begin at 8:00 am and end at 16:00 pm.

- You must be ready for the screening at 7:30, at this time you will be contacted for identification purposes.

- On the screening day you will receive a link leading to the zoom conference, and the phone number of the person in charge of the screening who you can approach in case of a problem.

                                                                                                                      - During the screening day there will be breaks between stations.

- The girls who will receive the summons are the candidates who are to draft between July 2020 and December 2020.

- Need to postpone the screening? You may move your screening date up till a week before the original date.

- The learning aids you receive at school are not valid during your screening.

- During the screening you are required to be in a quiet work area, in a separate and closed room and you are not allowed to consult with any factor.

                                                                                                                      - You cannot use any utilities such as a calculator.

- Towards your screening day it is important to make sure we have your valid Email address, so - before your screening date you will receive a text message for verifying your Email address. You may update your Email address through this text message until 16:00 on the day before your screening. Heads up! Without a valid Email address you cannot perform your Yom Hame’a!

- Got stuck in a situation before your screening day? You can contact us in a private message on the “Meitav” facebook page.

- You cannot pass the screening on your phone, only through a laptop or a computer with a microphone and a camera.

                                                                                                                            So, what stations will you pass?

Command and Guidance Exercise

The command and guidance exercise tests your presentation and verbal abilities of standing in front of a crowd and memorizing material. You will be asked to pick a subject from a list of subjects and to prepare a presentation in which you will present the chosen subject to the group through the “zoom” conference.

Interpersonal Simulation

This exercise tests your interpersonal abilities, your sensitivity to your surroundings and facing different complicated situations. You will receive a card with a certain conflict and with different instructions. Throughout the exercise you will face the conflict before a staff member who will play the character with the problem. You will be asked to present a solution according to the instructions you were given. Your response and the way you treat the situation will be tested.

Group Exercise

This exercise will test how you fit in a group and your leading abilities. During this exercise, there will be a group discussion where the group will be required to reach an agreement in a limited amount of time. In addition you will solve riddles and plan products together, and at the end of the exercise present them to the staff.

Tests on the Computer

At this stage you will fill questionnaires and tests on the computer. The tests check various abilities, among them: Technical comprehension, abilities of ongoing concentration, the ability of execution and precision.

Heads up!

Just like in regular Yom Hame’a screenings, the online Yom Hame’a is also mandatory! If you do not arrive at the screening, your preferences questionnaire will be unavailable for you and your placement will be chosen according to your personal data and the army’s needs only. We also recommend opening the link at the exact time that is written on the summon, after a good night sleep and after you have eaten, drank and set up a comfortable, quiet and undisturbed work area.

Good luck!


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