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Michve Alon

One of the unique bases in the IDF is Michve Alon. A base composed of the Education and Youth Corps, whose purpose is to integrate unique populations in to the IDF and the Israeli society. Here's everything you need to know>

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Camp Dotan (Camp 80)

Camp Dotan, also known as "Machane Shmonim" (Camp 80), trains about 8,000 recruits each year that go through Basic training (02). Lately, the base has gone through many changes; replacing the tents into an indoor residence, renovation of the bathrooms and showers and improving of the facilities. Here is Camp Dotan from an angle you haven't seen yet>

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Bahad Magav - Border Police Instructional Base

You were assigned to Magav? Want to know where your basic training and courses will take place? Come meet your base!

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Batar Nitzanim (Camp Yehoshua)

Batar Nitzanim, which trains about 35% of IDF recruits who draft to general roles and at least 6,500 recruits pass through this base each year. So what is there in the base? How long is the training? How do you get there? All the information before drafting is here!

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Camp Shivta (School For Field Artillery)

You have received your placement to the Artillery corps? We have arranged an inside peak for you of your base for the next few months. Spoiler - There are new dorms with air conditioners. For more information >

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Havat Hashomer

Arrived at 'Havat Hashomer'? Great! In this base you will earn a supporting environment which includes individual attention for every soldier. This environment will help you fulfill your potential through your military service and also through your civil life.

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'The School For Air Defense 'Bisla

Assigned to the air defense corps? Come meet your new home for the next few months - How do you arrive at the base? What simulators are waiting for you there? And how did the air defense system’s uniform look like in the past?

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Nahal Brigade Training Base

Shaldag unit, 669 unit, 'Palsar', the armored corps and 'Flotilla' 13 are only part of the trained units in 'Bach Nahal', 'Nahal’s brigade training base. Recruiting to this training base? Want to know what is waiting for you in the training? You came to the right place >

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