Basic Training - Tironot
עולם קד"ץ נהיגה והנהיגה המבצעית
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IDF Roles

Meet the IDF's different roles and positions you can serve in during your military service

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All About the Base

All the infomation about the IDF bases! Click the button below for "All About the Base" articles

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First Summon - 'Tzav 'Rishon

Recieved your first summon? Want to learn more about the recruitment process? You can find information about the 'Tzav Rishon' right here!

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Yom Hame'a

Yom Hame'a - one of the steps in the recruitment process designated for girls only! Click here for more information about what you will pass on your Yom Hame'a day!

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'Enlistment - 'Giyus

The moment you've all been waiting for - your enlistment day!!! What should I bring? What do I receive on my enlistment day? What will I pass? All the information you need is right here >

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'Basic Training - 'Tironot

For all the information about basic training - continue reading

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Exclusive Service

New immigrants? Volunteers? Only child? Looking to enlist to the IDF? Click here for articles about the different exclusive services!

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Tips, lifestyle and slang

Looking for tips to help you during your recruitment process? Want to learn some military slang? Continue reading for more information

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