Yom Hame'a
First Summon - Tzav Rishon
Enlistment - 'Giyus'


Enlistment Sequence - 'Sharsheret Hiyul'

On your draft day, you’ll be enlisted to the IDF at your local recruitment bureau. After a short signup you’ll be taken to 'Meitav', where you’ll pass through the enlistment sequence (שרשרת חיול) under the supervision and help of 'Meitav' as well as commanders from your future base.

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What to Bring on Your Enlistment Day

Enlistment coming up but the bag’s still unpacked? Then this is for you. We’re here to set you straight with a list of all the things you should bring to your basic training. What is a must, and what is better left at home? What will you receive from the army and what should you buy beforehand? All the details >

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What Will You Receive on Your Enlistment Day?

The “Stars Card” (Cohavim) is designed to allow you to purchase equipment prior to your enlistment. This equipment is to complete the rest of the gear provided to you on your first day as a soldier. So what is the equipment you get in the enlistment sequence? All the details >

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How Is the Date of My Enlistment Day Determined?

This is probably one of the most exciting days in your lifetime, and will be remembered for years to come; your enlistment day. But have you ever wondered how it's determined? Especially for you - Here's all you need to know about your draft date >

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