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Tzav Rishon

Excited for your first encounter with the IDF? It’s important to us, and to you of course, that everything will go as smoothly and quickly as possible. On the day of your conscription at the recruitment bureau (לשכת גיוס), you will pass through and complete four different stations. Here is everything you need to know!

How to Prepare for the First Summon - 'Tzav Rishon'

Did you get your 'Tzav Rishon'? Congratulations! From that moment on you are a candidate of the Israel Defense Force, or as they say - “Malshab” (IDF). We decided to equip you with all the information you need to know before the big day.

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The Medical Profile

The medical profile is the numeric symbol that reflects the medical suitability for the Israel Defense Force - IDF. This is one of the most crucial personal data in the IDF, which is determined individually for each soldier during the First summon, and has an impact on the role and nature of the future military service >

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How To Shorten Your First Summon Process

Uploading files from your mobile phone and performing medical tests in advance are just some of the things you can do before you reach the recruitment bureau! We have assembled a few simple steps for you, in order to shorten the waiting time of the first summon. These steps can be done from your own house and some of them can even be achieved from your mobile phone!

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Personal Scores

So, what exactly are the personal scores? What are they based on and how are they determined?

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All You Need to Know About the Data Verification Questionnaire

Received a summons to your first call-up? It’s time to begin your recruitment process from home! The first step is filling out the data verification questionnaire here in Mitgaisim website. What does the questionnaire include? How do I enter it? How do I fill it out? Keep reading to find out >

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