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FAQ on Service Terms and Conditions

Every day we receive from you, the Malshabim, questions about your future service conditions and how to start the pre-recruitment process. To help you learn about all your service rights and give you a professional answer, we have made a list of the most frequently asked questions

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7 Tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the IDF

Starting from your enlistment day, your entire routine will completely change. Nutrition and sleeping habits will not always be under your control, and at times, the schedule can be tight and unpredictable. So, how is it possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle within the military framework? Here are 7 helpful tips for your health:

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Tips for closing my first holiday at the base

As soldiers, most of you will be required to close at least one holiday during your military service. To make the experience more enjoyable, we've gathered some tips to make your first holiday at the base more joyful>

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The IDF Army’s Terms You Must Know

Entering the army routine can be a bit confusing - a new environment, a new living space and if that's not enough - a new language too. Just before drafting, it’s time for you to learn the unique terms that have developed in the IDF over the years. What is a ‘Hamshush’? Have you heard of an ‘Hakpatza’? Do you know what meaning stands behind the word ‘Machbosh’? We have gathered all the terms you must know!

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