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Some of the new immigrants, who wish to acquire an academic degree before their military service, are entitled to postpone the date of their draft day for the purpose of academic studies. After completing the studies in the Atuda program, the new Olim take part in the IDF according to the Atuda’s field of study. New immigrants? Here’s all you need to know:


The Academic Reserve (Atuda) program is aimed for:

- New Immigrants (Olim) with an Israeli citizenship
- Olim who completed their high school studies abroad
- Olim that are not exempt from the IDF
- Olim that started their academic studies no later than 18 months from the date of their arrival in Israel

New Olim who have been accepted or who are already studying at an academic institution, are entitled to join the Atuda program, if they began their studies at the institution within a year and a half from the date of their arrival in Israel.

Postponement of recruitment

Students in the program are entitled to postpone their enlistment in favor of studies. If they were in the pre-academic program for new Olim, they will be entitled to postpone their draft day by one year. An initial application must be submitted for the approval of the studies and a request for enlistment postponing. The documents must be sent to the Meitav e-mail by August 1st of each year. The application must be followed by a certificate of admission of the academic institution to which you registered.


At the end of the last academic year, students who are found suitable, will be summoned for interviews in order to be assigned as academic officers in the profession they have studied, although it depends on the military’s discretion. In order to be placed in the profession you have studied, you must commit to serve for 5 years, which include mandatory service, followed by permanent service -“Keva”.

If the students stop their studies for any reason they will be required to recruit. To begin the process, you should contact the academic support section in the Meitav academic reserve department - Atuda.

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Academization Program
Academization Program