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Camp Dotan, also known as "Machane Shmonim" (Camp 80), trains about 8,000 recruits each year that go through Basic training (02). Lately, the base has gone through many changes; replacing the tents into an indoor residence, renovation of the bathrooms and showers and improving of the facilities. Here is Camp Dotan from an angle you haven't seen yet>

תעודת זהות מחנה שמונים


Hanna Junction located in Pardes Hanna-Karkur.                                   


Every Sunday, shuttles depart from the Pardes Hanna train station from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. On the rest of the week, shuttles leave Binyamina Train Station during these hours:

8:10 | 8:40 | 9:40 | 10:30 | 13:15 | 15:10 | 16:10 | 17:10 | 18:10

You may also reach the base via a bus line which stops in Pardes Hanna Karkur intersection.

Origin of the Name 'Machane Shmonim'

The second name of the base Camp Dotan is "Machane Shmonim" (Camp80). And the reason it is named so is because the camp was located on lot number 80 on the British land map, which officially named it "Camp 80".

A little bit of History

The base was established in Israel during the British Mandate and was used by the British soldiers. Currently, you can also find historical buildings that remain from that era. Over the years, the base also served as the base of the Armored Corps, Officers School and "Gadna" (Israeli military program that prepares young people for military service).

Nature of Service

Closed-base service due to the basic trainings which is held at the base. There are a few soldiers serving at the base in an Open-base service.

What Does 'Machane Shmonim' Include?

At the base there are 9 companies in which the recruits are trained. In addition, the base includes all the supporting services - logistics, armory, dining room, medical clinic and a dental clinic. Lastly, there is also a shooting range at the base.

The Unique Qualities of the Base

"Machane Shmonim" is exclusively meant for basic training. In this base, compared with the other basic training bases, the recruits also receive the basic training learning material through their personal Smartphone. The recruits receive a link to a website, which includes all the learning material; weapon lessons, fieldcraft, first aid etc in addition to all the information about the base: directions, FAQ, equipment list etc.  At the base, recruits are permitted to be with their cell-phone and use it during lunch breaks.

The Commander's Message

"You know what they say; the grass always appears greener on the other side. Usually, when recruits arrive at "Machane Shmonim" they tend to get caught by surprise because they get a different impression from what they have heard about the base before arriving. They sometimes get the wrong impression. However, "Machane Shmonim" has everything you need, and it has gone through renovations and currently has new residences and provides a superb medical care. We provide the new recruits with freedom, while at the same time, we insist that they approach us with respect - we will teach them the rest" 

- Lieutenant Colonel Meital Midem, commander of the Camp Dotan base.  

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