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What to do when you don't feel well on a Saturday evening? What jewelry can you wear in the army? Is it possible to utilize public transportation without wearing a uniform? Can parents come to visit on saturday (Shabbat)? You ask - We answer

If I close Shabbat is it possible for people to visit me?

If you are going through basic training 02, then in most cases the parents will not be able to visit you because the training is relatively short and you will be going home almost every weekend. On the other hand, there are bases with longer training that allow weekend visits.

 On what day do we go home during the training periods?

You will usually go home on Friday mornings, except when you close Shabbat that week (stay in base for the weekend). 

 Can we bring food from home?

It is permitted, as long as the food is kosher and does not need to be kept in a refrigerator.

  If my house is close to the base, can I sleep in it instead?

No. All the soldiers in basic training sleep at the base for the duration of their training. Even if you have a waiver to ease the terms of service, you will not be able to utilize it until the regular service. Of course your commanders can ease on you according to their decision.

  If I don't feel well during the weekend, what should I do?

If you are feeling sick during the weekend, you will need to notify your personal commander and go to the nearest “Bikur Rofe” clinic. The doctor at the clinic will give you an initial treatment and refer you for further tests if needed. In addition, you may receive a waiver which allows you to rest in the base for the days that follow, or “sick days” for resting at home.

 Is it permissible to wear jewelry in the army?

Girls are allowed to wear up to 2 rings. One necklace can be worn, with a diameter of 3mm, and a pendant with a diameter of up to 3cm (like the size of a half shekel coin). In addition, it is forbidden to wear a tight necklace to the throat, in a similar style as a collar. You can only wear up to one bracelet and earrings that do not cross the earlobe. Male soldiers are only allowed to wear a wedding ring. The Military Rules of Appearance and Dress Code.

 What is a company? (Pluga)

A company usually consists of three to four platoons (machlakot), and is under the command of a company commander. Each platoon has a platoon commander, and within each platoon there are several teams, with each team having a commander.

So remember: pluga = company - machlaka = platoon - tzevet = team

Is it possible to use public transport without charge when I’m not in uniform?

Yes, on weekends only. Except for soldiers who have special permits for public transportation in civilian clothes who can always travel without uniform. 

A relative of mine is getting married, can I leave the base for the event?

According to the law, every soldier is entitled to leave for an event of an immediate relative (parents or siblings). In other cases, the matter is at the discretion of your personal commander.

I have financial problems at home, what waver can I receive?

One of the rights of each soldier is to see the terms of service officer twice a week. Contact your personal commanders and open a request for assistance with the conditions of service through the terms of service officer.

What kind of uniform would I get on my enlistment day?

On your enlistment day, you will receive 3 pairs of A-pairs uniform (two pairs for combatants) at the Enlistment Sequence station, which is composed out of several categories. What Do You Receive on Recruitment Day?

The A-uniform is the formal uniform of each soldier, only wearing when leaving the base (if you are in a closed base), or every day if you go home every day. Wearing the second type of uniform, which you will receive in basic training, can only be worn inside the base. Leaving the base on a B-uniform without permission is prohibited.

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