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"02, 05, 08 ..." If you read these numbers, and you immediately think of the IDF - you are probably not alone. These numbers represent the rifleman levels that varies in training periods, difficulty and their content

As soon as you arrive at the Bakum (the Reception and Sorting Base) - you will be sent to a base where you will be prepared for serving in the IDF. This stage is an inseparable part of the military service -the Basic Training (“Tironut”). Therefore, before you get to know your commanders, you should know the IDF rifleman levels.

Rifeleman Levels

Each basic training is represented by a number. This number reflects the basic training type you will experience, and indicates your combat training level. A rifleman is a soldier who has been trained in various military and operational contents in one of the following levels: 02, 03, 05, 07, 08, 09, 10, 12.

Combat roles and combat supporting roles require different training programs and accordingly, basic trainings programs at a certain rifleman level.

Home Front Basic training

The Home Front basic training, which trains for rifleman level 02, is the shortest and lowest in the scale of difficulty, and includes only the basic contents necessary for a regular service.

This basic training is intended for all home-front corps recruits such as the Human Resources Corps, the Education and Youth Corps, the General Corps and others. All recruits for this general basic training, which is mandatory to get a military role, will undergo this basic training 02.

Many people wonder why it is necessary to have a basic training for those who are assigned to a back-office position. The answer is simple - one of the basic goals of training is to train recruits for basic content and values in the IDF- those that are required for any soldier, regardless of his assigned role.

Combat training

In the IDF there are various combat rifleman levels ranging from 03 to 12. As mentioned above, each number represents the level of difficulty in ascending order. Starting from rifleman level 05, the fighters undergo an additional advanced training at the end of their basic training. In order to be able to achieve levels 07, 08, 10 or 12, one must pass the rifleman level 03 or 05.

At high rifleman levels, the recruits are trained in active combat, with extreme and complex training, including night navigations, long on-foot field trips, survival outdoor field training and urban warfare skills.

Basic training for volunteers

The basic training for volunteers, officially known as basic training 00, is tailored for soldiers who are exempted from the defense service for medical reasons but have decided that they would like to enlist. In this basic training, which lasts about a week, the volunteers are trained in the important IDF contents without use of weapons.

The main values acquired by this training is discipline and adhering to strict schedules, as well as theoretical lessons such as military structure, military strategy, first aid etc.

Who, for example?

Duration of basic training

Rifleman level


About a week

Rifleman 00

General Corps, Manpower Corps and the Communications Corps.

5 - 3 weeks

Rifleman 02

Artillery Corps, Magal, Army Police Force.

2 - 1.5 months

Rifleman 03

This is an extended rifle training for Rifleman level 03

Rifleman 04

Combat Engineering Corps, Border Police Force, Counter Terror Unit

5 - 4 months

Rifleman 05

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