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Enlistment coming up but the bag’s still unpacked? Then this is for you. We’re here to set you straight with a list of all the things you should bring to your basic training. What is a must, and what is better left at home? What will you receive from the army and what should you buy beforehand? All the details >

What does the army provide you with?

At the end of the initial stages of your enlistment, after you put your uniform on for the first time, you will receive a large kitbag and inside it - the equipment you’re provided. You will put the extra uniforms (two sets), your extra pair of shoes (combatants only) and your service dress coat. During those stages you will also receive a belt, a beret, dog tags and boys will also receive rubber bands that come with their high shoes.


HaAguda Lema’an HaChayal (the Association for the Wellbeing of Israel's Soldiers (AWIS)) gives out gifts to soldiers on their enlistment day that involve, among other things, a razor blade, a toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste. Girls also receive a toiletry bag, tampons, sanitary pads, a woman’s razor and deodorant. The gift also includes some snacks you can eat in between meals, so you can leave your to-go box at home.


Noncombatant soldiers will receive a sewing kit, a notepad, a personal bandage, earplugs, a luminous tape, tear gas (pepper spray) and wet wipes. Combatants will receive a pouch for pocket sized personal equipment, 10 zip ties, 8 thick strings, 3 duct tapes, a whistle, a cover for a wristwatch, a thin string, gun oil spray and a gun cleaning brush. 

You will also be given one padlock, but it is advised to bring another from home, just in case.

חייל מקבל מדים בשרשרת החיול

So what should you bring? 


Don’t forget to bring all the necessary documents: Your enlistment order, a valid picture id (Israeli ID, a driver’s license or a passport) and the details of your bank account. You should put them in a folder for easy retrieval.


Do bring pajamas or some comfortable sleep clothes. You should also bring some warm clothes like a coat, a scarf or gloves - remember even in the summertime some bases get cold at night. As for workout clothes- tank tops and shorts that end above the knee are not allowed, and would better be left at home. Don’t forget to bring sneakers, bras, underwear and changes of clothes- enough to last you at for least two weeks. You should also equip yourself with a watch, preferably a digital one with a stopwatch option and lighting. 


Important: As of July 2017, you will have to purchase the items that were thus far given to enlisting soldiers on their enlistment day, that include: a towel, socks, t shirts and underwear, by using the “Cohavim” card that is launched as a means to buy equipment prior to enlistment day. 


It’s important you bring with you any medication you take regularly, such as an inhaler if you need it. You should also bring bandaids and Acamol (though those can be acquired from the unit medic), rolls of toilet paper, mosquito spray, and laundry bags. 

 Do you wear glasses? Remember to bring cleaning spray, and contacts are also allowed.


It’s advised that you bring a toiletry bag that has shampoo, soap, hair conditioner and any other thing you use when you shower, as well as flip flops. Also remember to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste, a hairbrush, sunscreen and maybe also lip balm. You may also want to bring with you - sanitary gloves, disposable toilet seat covers, and cotton swabs.


A good solid six hour sleep is essential, especially during initial training, so don’t forget to bring sheets, a pillow and a blanket for your bed.

Other Essentials

A flashlight, some batteries, a lighter and a black marker can and will definitely make your stay easier. It is also advised to bring some money, and girls should bring black hairbands and regulation hair clips.

And, of course, there is the cellphone. It’s advised to bring it charged to the max, and to bring a charger. 

Remember: You can always supplement your equipment after you go home after a week or two. Take notice of what you feel you are missing and make sure to get it before going back to base.


Good Luck!


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