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The “Stars Card” (Cohavim) is designed to allow you to purchase equipment prior to your enlistment. This equipment is to complete the rest of the gear provided to you on your first day as a soldier. So what equipment do you recieve in the enlistment sequence? All the details >

 The equipment you will receive on your enlistment day:

  1.  A mask
  2. A Chimidan (bag)
  3. A coat
  4. Shoes (Infantry, field wear, vegan or women's shoes)
  5. Uniform trousers (2 for combatants, 3 for regular soldiers / combat support)
  6. Uniform shirts (2 for combatants, 3 for regular soldiers / combat support)
  7. A belt
  8. A beret
  9. A soldier’s kit (and an extra kit for field use)
  10. A lock
  11. Warm gloves
  12. A neck warmer
  13. Rubber bands for shoes (for infantry shoes or field wear)


Moadon Yoter

Men’s kit

Women’s kit

Shaving cream Hygiene products Hygiene products
Razor Razor
Deodorant Deodorant
Body soap Body soap
Shampoo Shampoo
Toiletry kit Toiletry kit
Earphones Earphones
Toothpaste Toothpaste
A holder for your ‘Hoger’ A holder for your ‘Hoger’
Bamba Bamba
Bisli Bisli
Chips Chips
Soup in a Cup Soup in a Cup
Coffee Coffee
Cereal Cereal
Chocolates Chocolates
Mentos Mentos

The products may change from time to time due to the equipment’s stock.

In addition, you will receive a kit with equipment for your service which includes:


  1. A holder for your dog tag
  2. A sewing kit
  3. Earplugs
  4. A yellow shining ribbon
  5. 2 cable ties to hold your dog tags in your shoes (for men’s shoes)
  6. Rubber bands for your pants (for men’s shoes)


Combatants will also receive:


  1. A holder for your ‘Pakal Kis’
  2. 10 plastic cable ties
  3. Thick strings 8 meters long
  4. A roll of sticky fabric
  5. 10 springy hooks
  6. A cover for a handwatch
  7. A shoe brush
  8. A thin elastic lace - 10 meters long
  9. A braided elastic lace - 3 meters long
  10. An elastic fabric - 3 meters long
  11. A screwdriver
  12. A ‘Maglar’ - a shaving brush used for cleaning rifles
  13. A personal bandage
  14. An arterial tourniquet


Good luck!


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