The Stages of Volunteering in the IDF

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IDF volunteers are soldiers who have been through the initial screening procedures and have a 21 profile, which dismisses them from military service due to medical / mental health reasons and yet they request to volunteer in the IDF. Here's everything you need to know>

Volunteers are considered soldiers in regular service and all the rights and obligations that apply to regular soldiers also apply to them. They serve according to the various restrictions set by set by the chief medical officer ("Mekarpar")

Volunteer recruitment principles

"An allowing Policy"- Anyone who wants to serve in the military - can do so, as long as he\she does not pose a risk to themselves or others. The candidates request to volunteer will not be approved if the candidate is dealing with an active illness\ was recently hospitalized\ and is incapable of performing basic tasks.

Providing assistance- Providing assistance to the volunteer and his\her parents will be available, private and personal. Service will also be provided to the volunteer and his commander during the military service period.

Yearly Recruitment- This recruitment represents the recruitment season to which you belong. The placement within the screening and determining axis is according to your personal index results.

Obtaining the exemption certificate

Upon receiving the exemption certificate at the Recruitment Center, you are given the option of opening a volunteering file in this status. Men and women applicants can do so until the age of 24, (over the age of 24 is considered an exception). Applicants will be given documents that need to be filled out by medical authorities, and after the forms are filled they should be emailed to:

What documents should I bring?

- Diabetics | Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients | Hearing Impairment

Volunteer Certificate Examination

This procedure takes place "behind the scenes". After receiving the documents you have submitted, the documents are transferred to professional medical authorities in the IDF that determine if the applicant can be given profile 25 (the profile number that allows volunteering). There are now 2 cases:

  1. Distributed file - In this case, profile 25 can be approved already at the recruitment office.
  2. Non-Distributed file - For its approval, a special examination is required by a medical committee of vocational medicine and medical assessment of the chief medical officer, which depends on your volunteer cause. If profile 25 is approved, the case is transferred to the special services unit ("Mador Shay") in the Online Recruitment Center to begin.

The IDF placement

The initial stage begins with a personal interview; the volunteered will be called-up for a personal interview to clarify his/her personal and medical needs that were determined according to medical committee. Following the interview in the field of volunteers, and after taking into account: personal preferences, medical status, interview results and the military's needs, the volunteering candidate will be placed in one of the two following options:

 Pre-screening roles – roles that require the volunteering candidate to be summoned for a pre-military examination and sorting season. (Some military roles have the option of an individual Pre-screening season for those who have missed the screening window period).

Placement in the IDF after being interviewed by a screening officer trained to place volunteers in the IDF.

Receiving the Draft Order

The draft order will be sent according to the draft year of the volunteer- upon receiving profile 25 and during the 12th grade. There is an option to postpone the draft date beyond your draft year only if the volunteer is doing a Pre-Military Service Year (called "Shnat sherut"), Mechina Kdam-Tzvait or Yeshiva.

Documents before the recruitment day

Approximately a month before drafting some volunteers may be required to send updated medical documentations showing that their medical situation is stable. You receive the information recorded in these documents on the exemption form that you received after the approval of the profile 25. If you experiences worsening of your condition and your medical documentations are not approved, then your draft will be postponed to the next draft date.

Please note: documents that will be sent less than two weeks before the day of recruitment will not be examined. Also, make sure that the documents you sent have been received.

Duration of service

Volunteers with medical exemption- obligated service duration is up to 24 months, both male and female volunteers.

Volunteers with mental health exemption- obligated service duration is up to 12 months, both male and female volunteers. There are also military roles that require 32-months of service (Special units and screening tracks in the Intelligence Corps).

Volunteers with a temporary 25 profiles- The duration of your service will be determined by the duration of the temporary profile period, subjected to the approval of the chief medical officer. Additionally, those with temporary profile 25 will receive a summon to a medical committee near the end of the temporary profile period and will be required to complete regular service in accordance to the Israeli Defense Service Law, this is only if it is decided that they are qualified to serve on profile 45 and above.

The Volunteering Certificate

The volunteer certificates are personal, and will be distributed to the volunteers on their draft dates. The certificate details the medical limitations of the volunteers, which was established by the chief medical officer, and the commanders of the volunteers are required to maintain these limits.

For clarifications on the medical limitations and for updates (adding or removing a limitation), you can contact the volunteer department with medical documentation and they will examine the issue with the chief medical officer. Pay attention, it is very important to keep the certificate because you will not be given another one if you lose is.

Basic training for volunteers

Volunteers must participate in volunteer training unless otherwise is stated in the exemptions you received in advance. The recruitment takes place at various bases across the country, and the training is theoretical only and lasts about 5 days. Those who were given a waiver to sleep at home will leave at the end of each day.


Volunteers are allowed to attend courses during their military service; and do so on the following criteria:

  • The volunteer meets the course requirements.
  • An approval from the medical sorting department (of Mekarpar) that states the volunteer is fit to take the course
  • .A recommendation written by the volunteer's unit, saying the candidate can attend the course.

Officer Track for volunteers

Volunteers can go to the officer track during their time of service with following criteria: Medical approval from the chief medical officer, recommendations from commanders, unit allowances and passing the officer exams. During permanent service, volunteers will be transferred to regular military medical treatment, like all IDF soldiers doing permanent service.

Volunteering Line:

Volunteering candidate: 03-738-8888 Volunteering soldier: 03-738-7158 


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