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In order to ease your Integration into the IDF, we have prepared a full guide about traveling during your military service. Do you need to pay for the bus? How does one obtain a free ticket at the train station? Are there shutles to the various bases? All the information is right here ->


Every soldier or student in a pre-military school is entitled to utilize free public transportation. Only one card can be issued at each station when the ticket is valid until 23:59 on the day of issue. Withdrawal of train tickets is made possible through the transfer of the cardholder's certificate in the automated machines at the train station.

pay attention! The issuance of an additional travel ticket at the same station will be possible only after 6 hours from the date of issuance of the first ticket and it is not possible to purchase a reservation ticket.


Soldiers are allowed to travel for free on public transportation throughout the country, except in the Arava area, provided that they are in uniform and scan their Army ID Card upon entering. Your base is in the Arava? you will get a card which will allow you to travel for free.
Soldiers with a combatant's certificate, Army Drivers License or a permit to travel in civilian clothes may use public transportation for free when not in uniform as well (as long as they carry their certificate).    

Organized Transportation to Bases

There are bases which include centralized transportation “Tioliote” (also known as a shuttle) from a variety of locations in Israel, often from their nearest train station. For example, Batar Dotan (Basic Training at “Camp 80”) has a shuttle from the Caesarea Pardes Hanna train station, and Batar Nitzanim base from the Ashkelon railway station - if there is organized transportation to the bases, you will receive the full information at the start of basic training.

The soldiers who serve in the “City of Bahadim” Base will have a permanent bus line called "Catching a Line" (Tofsim-Cav). The buses depart from 19 locations around the country and operate according to a predetermined schedule. The shuttles are open on Sundays from 6:00 - 8:30, on Thursday in the afternoon and on Fridays in the morning hours. In addition, the Ariel Sharon Camp (“City of Bahadim”) parking lot provides transportation directly to a number of bases in the south of the country. All the information can be found on the IDF website as well as on the Moovit app.

Arava  Card

There are two lines operated by “Egged” to Eilat and are called Arava lines: line 382 from Beer Sheva to the Sayarim camp and line 392 from Beer Sheva to Eilat through the IDF camps. Using these lines is free of charge for those who have the "Arava" card - a one-time or a reusable ticket to the Arava region. The soldiers entitled to this card are those who serve in the Arava and Eilat areas and live north of the Arava Junction or soldiers living in the Arava and Eilat area and serving north of the Arava junction.

Soldiers who go through training or are traveling on duty are entitled to a one-time guarantee card.The criteria for eligibility for the Arava card are examined by an officer of the unit. Seats can be booked on the Egged website.

Travel Vouchers for IDF Candidats

Any summons sent to your home includes free travel vouchers for use of public transportation. The travel vouchers are valid for up to three months from the date issued on the voucher (the date of the summons) and therefore can be used even in cases where you have moved the original date.

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