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Yom Hamea

אנשים סימנו כי המידע עזר להם

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Yom Hame’a, a day of selection, evaluation and Matching; gives you another chance to prove your personal skills and abilities, which may not have been reflected in the first Call-Up. The Yom-Hame’a results will be added to your personal data, the Kaba (quality group level) and the 'Dapar' (Psycho-technical Rating Index), and can help in opening additional roles for you, which you will see when filling the questionnaire>

The Yom Hame’a process begins during 11th grade, and is intended for female candidates only, who enlist on the same year. You can still volunteer for combat roles and take part in Combat Tryouts if your personal data allows it.

The summons will be sent to you by mail, SMS and of course through the personal area of this website after completing the required procedures at the recruitment office.


Why is it important to show up?


You can only participate on Yom Hame'a once and it allows you to demonstrate your personal abilities. Please note, if you do not arrive on this day, you will not be given an option to fill out a preferences questionnaire and therefore you will be placed according to the military's needs only.

Is the arrival date for Yom Hame'a not suitable for you? You can change the date using the "Move summons" button on the personal area of the Mitgaisim website or by contacting our service center.


What Do You Do on Your Yom Hame'a?


The Yom Hame’a, which lasts up to 7 hours, takes place at one of the diagnostic centers of the Adam-Milo Institute in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem:

Tel Aviv Branch, 3 Tvu'ot ha-Arets Street (Navigator).

Jerusalem Branch, 24 Strauss Street (Navigator).

Beer Sheva Branch, 18 Derech Hashalom (Navigator).

Haifa Branch, 3 Haashlag (Navigator).

During this day, you will participate in several stages that examine your abilities: Computerized tests, the "field stage" that includes moderate physical effort, a personal simulations station, a lecture station, a group discussion station and more. The purpose of the tests is to diagnose your personality and your ability to deal with unfamiliar situations. The Yom Hame’a stages will be accompanied by qualified instructors who will guide you throughout the day and help you perform all the tasks in the best possible way. You can read about all the stations of Yom Hame'a here.

Want to be as ready as possible for Yom Hame’a? We prepared 6 particularly important tasks for you: A list of tasks to do prior to the Yom Hame'a

The Day After Yom Hame'a

You can view the results of Yom Hame'a through the personal area of the Mitgaisim website approximately 1 week after the Yom-Hame'a. After the Yom Hame'a stage, the net step in your recruitment process is the Preferences Questionnaire.

How to Appeal to the Results of Yom Hame'a

You can submit an appeal in case you are not satisfied with one or several of the results you received. If the appeal is approved, the relevant authorities will determine which stations you will go throw again. Please note your grades will be determined according to the final performance and not according to the higher score of both tryouts.

Appeal request must include

  • A personal letter stating the reason for your appeal in details.
  • The recommendation of an authority, written by a source with authority who knows you that needs to fill out the appeal form listed on the website so we can evaluate your personal abilities. Please note that the recommendation has to be in the following format. linked here.
  • You can also send other documents that support your request.

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