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Basic Training - FAQ

What to do when you don't feel well on a Saturday evening? What jewelry can you wear in the army? Is it possible to utilize public transportation without wearing a uniform? Can parents come to visit on saturday (Shabbat)? You ask - We answer

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What is the Difference Between Basic Training 02 and 05?

"02, 05, 08 ..." If you read these numbers, and you immediately think of the IDF - you are probably not alone. These numbers represent the rifleman levels that varies in training periods, difficulty and their content

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5Tips to Help You Get Through Basic Training 02 Successfully

At the end of the recruitment sequence stations, a bus will drive you to the base in which you will go through your basic training. We've gathered 5 tips to help you complete the basic training period successfully>

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5Tips to Help You Overcome the Challenges of Basic Training

After all your initial encounters with the military, the first Call-Up, the preparation for recruitment day, saying goodbye to your friends and family at the recruitment center before getting on the bus and going through the recruitment sequence station , it's finally time for your real confrontation with the IDF - The Basic Training!

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9 Rules for Basic Training and Regular Service

The military framework is a unique framework that does not resemble a civilian lifestyle. Many of the recruits arrive without any prior preparation and as a result, find themselves making a lot of mistakes. Here are 10 rules that will help you learn how to behave in the IDF>

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My First Saturday in the IDF

There is no doubt that during your military service you will have to get used to new conditions as well as "closing Shabbat" among other things. So, what does it actually mean? How many Saturdays do you close during the basic training? And what are you allowed to do to pass the time in the most delightful way? Don't worry; we are here to help!

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Do’s and Don'ts in Front of a Commander

The military framework is a unique framework whom is very different from the civilian life you know. Many recruits arrive unready with no preparation, and as a result they find themselves in unpleasant situations. We’ve gathered six important rules that you must follow during basic training and some rules also in your regular service in front of a commander.

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