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Garin Tzabar

Garin Tzabar is a unique project in collaboration with the IDF, Tzofim, The Ministry of Defense, and The Ministry of Immigration and Absorption. Garin Tzabar was founded in 1991

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Mahal is for Jewish people or those eligible to immigrate to Israel who are interested in volunteering to serve in the Israel Defense Forces without immigrating to the State of Israel. Signup for Mahal is conducted by the Ministry of Defense.

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Children of Immigrants or Children of Emissaries?

The Security Service Law applies to each person with an Israeli citizenship, whether they reside in Israel or not. In other words, an Israeli citizen who lives outside of Israel is also obligated to serve in the IDF.

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From a Child of Immigrants to a Yeshiva Student

Children of Immigrants have many available options to study in Israel, one of them is the “Yeshiva” studies. We have gathered all the details about the transition process from a child of immigrants to a yeshiva student.

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All the Information For New Immigrant Medical Doctors

Does the IDF automatically recognize me as a medical doctor? Are immigrant medical doctors obligated to serve in the IDF? And if so, for how long? FAQ about immigrant medical doctors->

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The Stages of Volunteering in the IDF

IDF volunteers are soldiers who have been through the initial screening procedures and have a 21 profile, which dismisses them from military service due to medical / mental health reasons and yet they request to volunteer in the IDF. Here's everything you need to know.

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Only Child? All the Information For You

Who is defined as an only child? What do I do if the IDF defined me as an only child even though I'm not an only child? Which combat roles can I receive as an only child? How do I send a request to volunteer? All the answers are in the article below.

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The Duration of a New Immigrant's Military Service

In order to give you sufficient time to adapt to the new situation, to get to know Israel and learn Hebrew, your enlistment is planned to take place only a year after your arrival in Israel. This will also depend on your personal status (whether single or married, etc.)

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